Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Review: Hana Yori Dango (Korean)

Such a late post! omg.But i just couldn't help it...this news came out earlier this year (around april i think) but i've only been able to find out about it recently (this morning actually =/) hahhaI practically read the whole article with my mouth open! I can't believe they're re-making it =D
Both the Taiwanese and the Japanese versions were very popular all over asia. Even though i saw the Taiwanese version first... i fell in love with the Japanese version (highly due to Matsujun playing Domyouji ;)

Korean Version (Poster)

Hana Yori Dango (Jdorama)
Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden (Tdrama)

I hope the Korean version stays true to the manga just as the two other versions did! I think this was one of the factors that made the previous versions extremely popular and changing the storyline in anyway would upset fans who've gotten to know and love the characters.

The production team in charge of the remake will be Group Eight (as selected by the orginial writer of the manga, Kamio Yoko). Group Eight were also responsible for producing other popular dramas such as Goong S and Fantasy Couple.
Group Eight have have said that “rather than casting based on popularity alone, we’re going for actors in the Korean F4 who fit the original characters best". I agree with what they've said and i think choosing actors based just on popularity would be a big mistake... i think they would certainly have to have that "ooompf" xD and deliver the personality and charisma that each F4 character oooozes (namely hanawa rui! loll)
Currently, the favourite to play Makino Tsukushi is Yoon Eun Hye but it's still not final so this could still change... i 'd also like to see Lee Dong Wook play a part in the series (I loved him in my girl ^^ )
Howeverr,. i've read that Kim Hyun Jung has been chosen to play Rui. I haven't really seen him in a drama so i can't say if i like him or not..
i've seen a couple of his pictures and yeahh he's pretty cute but i hope it's not just his face he'll bring to the table ^^


Kim Hyun Jung

PS : when is HYD movie actually coming out? or is it out?? someone get back to me on this please! :)

Contributor: Dulce