Monday, 8 December 2008

Review: Miss No Good

Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.
I can't believe how quickly this series went. This has been one of the better dramas I've watched in a very, very long time, and I was genuinely sad when I clicked 'View Episode 12' and suddenly it said it was the series finale.

When I first started watching this, I really didn't like it much. I thought Rainie as Xiao Hua (usually my favourite ever!) was weak in this drama. I hated her cringey, squeaky voice (OTT Y____Y;) and come on! - let's be honest... - they could have made her wig a little more realistic. I don't know, I'm probably just used to seeing Rainie more refined and preened, in her usual roles. I was relieved when they got rid of the wig though!

Even after all this, MNG grew on me and I loved the plot! It was original and kept me guessing until the last episode. I actually really liked Rainie and Wilbur Pan as a couple: in the drama obviously. Who knows, maybe they'll even be the new Rainie Yang and Mike He for me...

Contributor: Dulce