Monday, 10 November 2008

Album Review: Rainie Yang - '半熟宣言'

半熟宣言 by 楊丞琳
Release Date: 07-11-08
Language: Mandarin
Song Count: 10

In case anyone hadn't already noticed from reading my posts on here, I'm a huge Rainie Yang fan xD I've been anticipating this album for so long, and Rainie usually releases albums annually, so this year was just one big build-up.

The theme for this album was maturity: Rainie is now onto her fourth album, and I guess people were just expecting her to grow up from some of her old material, since she's been in the entertainment industry from the age of 16. I absolutely love a ballad, so this was no problem for me, and I was pleasantly surprised by her new release. It isn't what I'd expected at all, and you can really see a shift in maturity and vocal range.

Overall, I'm happy if not a bit disappointed with this album. I really like the album art: Rainie looks so beautiful and classy in the photoshoot, but keeps the typical Rainie 'kawaii' look about her. And thank God she got rid of that jellyfish hairdo from earlier this year. Where the songs are good, they're very good, but when they're bad, they're awful.

The first song (太烦恼) was totally weak on the vocals, but most of the album does not dissappoint. Rainie's vocals are getting stronger, except for the first song ofc lol. I absolutely hate "爱我请 Shut Up" because she sounds like she's singing "shullup" instead of "shut up" aha. I'd say download the album, and skip to 带我走, 冷战 and 幸福的节拍.

Contributor: Michelle

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